Finance For Non Financial Managers

Available Online, Public or In-House Training

Accountancy & Finance is the language of business and those who do not understand it are significantly disadvantaged. In reality business finance has a few key concepts wrapped up in layers of unfamiliar technical jargon.

For those unfamiliar with this jargon the whole world of finance can be incredibly daunting, but actually the basics can be easily mastered with a bit of guidance. So if you haven’t yet been trained to prepare a budget, read and analyse financial statements, prepare project feasibility studies, manage costs etc. then this course is for you.

To assist people in understanding the world of finance, 

  • Gain a good understanding of financial concepts and terminology
  • Gain a good understanding of funding and pricing issues
  • Gain a good understanding of operational budgeting and capital budgeting
  • Learn how to read and understand financial statements
  • Network with other professionals Make yourself more valuable to your company

This course is valuable for all non-financial managers, project managers, program managers, department heads, small business owners and others from both the public and private sectors with an interest in developing their financial knowledge and skills.

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